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Samuel Adams Wizzy is a rapper/singer/producer from Boston, MA. He is young and upcoming. His remix to “I Love College” by Asher Roth called “I Hate College REMIX” is his hit single. I listened to that earlier this year and didn’t think I would like him because he used autotune to rap which usually means his actual rhymes aren’t that good. The track was good and probably is better than the original, although it still was just a cover so I give Asher more credit. After I heard this song I never looked into him until my friend, Hunter Bouchard in the Naval Academy, requested I check him out. I looked into his other songs and actually really liked him and his songs. They are an electro hip-hop sound and while he does use autotune type sound sometimes he does have good flow and good rhymes. Even more impressive were the freestyles I watched on youtube of him, while they were short, they were legit freestyles and were quite impressive. He is starting to blow up and I recommend you check him out. All of his songs have free downloads. This kid is legit and his songs are perfect for the college scene. Check him out asap.

Sam Adams – Download All Tracks [click to download]

Sam Adams – I Hate College (Remix) [click to download]

Sam Adams – Pokerface Remix [click to download]

Sam Adams – Opening Day [click to download]

Sam Adams – Kimber RIP [click to download]

Sam Adams – Hard Shit [click to download]

Sam Adams – Rollin [click to download]

Sam Adams – Download All Tracks [click to download]