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Radical Something – The #SummerOfRad


Yeah, it’s happening, get ready … The Summer of Rad is upon us, and we at GMAD couldn’t be happier to be a part of the action. Fresh off their national Spring tour, which included shows with Slightly Stupid, SOJA, Asher Roth, Cris Cab and more, Radical Something is back at their home-base in L.A. getting ready to hit fans with an onslaught of new releases this Summer. In addition to teasing fans with snippets of unheard tracks, this promo video announces that the Cali-trio will be releasing one brand-new track each week for 12 weeks beginning June 11th. The new music is all studio-recorded album-quality tracks that continue to explore and build upon their unique musical style that makes their sound something everyone at GMAD can appreciate. Make sure you follow the gang on Facebook and Twitter and catch up on all their latest music here. Enjoy.