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Chris Webby – The White Noise LP + Teenage Mutant Ninja Rapper (Mixtape)



The first of Webby’s two albums, “The White Noise LP” released is arguably his best too. He is your stereotypical weed loving rapper. Quite confident in his rapping skills – says on his myspace that “I rap. Real f$@#ing good. At least better than you” – and he should be. His first album is full of songs that teenagers love to listen to. He is probably a borderline alcoholic and it is no wonder he is broke if he smokes nearly as much as he makes it seem, but his habits make for great songs.

His first song from his first album “La La La” is described from the beginning as a good smoking song. All of his songs are catchy and contain typically great refrains with some well worded verses. His song themes range from read, to drinking, to girls, to weed, to girls, to how good he is, to girls . . . and you catch the drift. I’m not knocking the themes, they are smart things to rap about because every race can relate and they are what people wanna hear rappers rap about these days; however, all these stereotypical themes made his song “Last Chance” that much more poignant. It is a lyrical masterpiece of a song and a catchy song too. The lyrics are deep and powerful, and yet it is still a great rap. The refrain is perfect for the song too.

Chris Webby – The White Noise LP [click to download]

Chris Webby – La La La [click to download]

Chris Webby – Last Chance [click to download]

Chris Webby – Grindin’ [click to download]

Chris Webby – The White Noise LP [click to download]

His second album was a dissapointment compared to his first one. Still contains the same great rhymes and lyrics but doesn’t seem nearly as thought out or balanced as the first one. Songs like “Cuz I’m Drunk” and “Injure You” are boring and repetitive compared to what was anticipated form the first album. He does have a couple good songs, but none lived up to the hype created from the first one. Come Fly Away was probably his best song on this album but overall after the CD had ended I was sure there must have been more tracks, ones that were like the first album.

Chris Webby – Teenage Mutant Ninja Rapper (Mixtape) [click to download]

Chris Webby (feat. OnCue) – Go Back [click to download]

Chris Webby – Come Fly Away [click to download]

Chris Webby – Do My Thang [click to download]

Chris Webby – Teenage Mutant Ninja Rapper (Mixtape) [click to download]