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Cherub – Man of the Hour


SEXY, FUNKY, GROOVY, FRESH, PSYCHEDELIC , SWAG to the infinite, or really any other adjective that you could possibly imagine to describe how amazing some music is when it is first introduced to your ears, describes Cherub. Jordan Kelley and Jason Huber are the masterminds behind Cherub with a common goal to share a little bit of sex, a little bit of drugs, and a whole lot of love with people across the globe. Here are a few of my favorites, I dont even have to call the Man of the Hour EP a MUST DOWNLOAD, just listen to the first track for yourself and see what you end up doing after. If you’re new to Cherub check out the video below

[Cherub - Man of the Hour]

Love You Right

Dirty Cockroaches

Disco Inferno

Man of the Hour

[Cherub - Man of the Hour]