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5 Reasons You Should Attend Bounce Boat NYC This Summer!


The Bounce Boat has been setting sail all summer long and GMAD was finally able to be in attendance for last Friday’s event. From 7PM to 1AM, the luxurious 3-tiered ship called the Horn Blower Infinity set out in the middle of the Hudson River to the dance tunes of headliners Mike Hawkins and Designer Drugs. A diverse audience was in attendance as the scenic sun set in the the background of Manhattan and New Jersey’s vast skyscraper buildings. With an exclusive crowd and the hottest electronic music New York City has to offer, the Bounce Boat is unlike any party around. Here are 5 reasons why you should check it out this summer!

1. The Views

The Bounce Boat is a tri-level, 3-hour cruise that sails through the Manhattan’s waterways. A spacious experience, the Bounce Boat boards in the evening as the sun sets. It’s a panoramic setting that takes place in between two gorgeous skylines and before a full moon automatically creating good vibes even without the need for the music.

2. Headlining Artists with state of the art sound systems and cool lighting

Last Friday night Mike Hawkins and Designer Drugs headlined the event. In the past, The Chainsmokers, Rusko, Just Blaze have played their infectious bass-driven music with Capital Cities, Solidisco, and Brenmar making their Bounce Boat debuts this Friday. What’s also really cool is that there is different music playing on all three levels of the ship. The 3 tiers bring a different vibe of deep-house, electro-house, and club music where there’s something for everyone to dance to under kaleidoscopic LED lights.

3. Diverse Audience

New York City brought out a very diverse audience last Friday night. There were ravers and there were also VIP bottle-service patrons alluding to the well-planned setup of the ship. Everyone aboard wore a beautiful smiles and unlike New York City nightclubs, festival attire and sneakers are allowed as long as you are dancing.

4. Make a night out of it for birthdays parties and private events

The Bounce Boat is a 3-hour long cruise and before it sailes you can board as early as 6PM. It sets sail around 9PM with last Friday’s event lasting well into the midnight hours. An exclusive pre-game party, you can definitely make an entire night out of the Bounce Boat without needing plans for after.  The Bounce Boat is your night out and because it’s such a great time you may still be talking about it all weekend.

5. Unlike Any Other Party in NYC

The Bounce Boat is unlike any other party you can attend in New York City or anywhere for the most part. Being on a spacious boat in the middle of the River, with the beautiful scenery and beautiful people gives you an awesome feeling of exclusivity for a great price. The music all around the ship is awesome and you can even buy buckets of beers for $35. Anyone who has cruised with Bounce Boat would rave about it, it’s definitely a memorable experience where you can take amazing pictures.

Purchase Tickets: Bounce Boat On 7/25 Featuring Capital Cities, Solidisco, and Brenmar

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