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KiD CuDi & Dot Da Genius – Perfect Is The Word



Well, this is the first leak of KiD CuDi’s new genre that he’s going to take on and honestly it looks like he’s taking a turn for the worst. I know I shouldn’t be posting a bad song but with a huge name and a whole new genre for him I want you all to hear what he’s working on. Maybe some people like this stuff too, who knows? I mean, it can’t be much worse than Lil Wayne’s Rebirth, right?! Anyways check it out, and enjoy?

KiD CuDi & Dot Da Genius – Perfect Is The Word [click to download]

Olu – Voyage


Great New Olu

Well as he sometimes does, Olu released this track unannounced on his Facebook and left the rest up to the fans. Although it’s only 2:39 long, it brings a head-bobbin’ instrumental and the classic Olu flow that hooked us all from the beginning. Also, through his Facebook he let everyone know the beats (that are insane) he’s workin on should turn into a new mixtape which should be “soon”. Until though, enjoy!

Olu – Voyage [click to download]

Wale – The Cloud feat. Tiara Thomas (Music Video + Mp3)


Feel Good Track

And the visuals are just in time for summertime. Wale teams up with Tiara Thomas to create “The Cloud” a track off his most recent mixtape which had massive success. The visuals are pretty much just Wale and his crew just chillin, but on another note… what’s goin on with his hair? Oh well, as long as he keeps creating solid music. Check this one out and enjoy!

Wale – The Cloud feat. Tiara Thomas [click to download]

Chris Webby – Success (Prod. DJ Semi)


Update: tagless version added

Here is the final leak off Chris Webby’s Webster’s Laboratory, which will be released tomorrow. The song is produced by DJ Semi and appeared on a compilation mixtape full of Chris Webby and Mac Miller’s old songs. This song, however, is new and has an eerie sample I’d expect on an Eminem “Stan”-type track. This kind of leak makes me feel like this mixtape is going to be huge.

Chris Webby – Success (Prod. DJ Semi) [Click to Download]

Previous: Chris Webby [Ft. Gorilla Zoe] – WDGAF (We Don’t Give A Fuck) (Prod. Aaron LaCrate)

Sid Sriram – We All Try (Frank Ocean cover)


Sid Sriram – We All Try (Frank Ocean cover) [Click to Download]

Here is the lastest cover from Sid Sriram, singing his rendition of Frank Ocean’s “We All Try” from the mixtape Nostalgia/Ultra. Have you ever watched the show American Idol? Sid Sriram’s vocals are too pure and too good for that show. Doc Skim assists playing the keys on the piano, while Arthur Johnson directs the video. This reminds me that Tyga used sampled Frank Ocean’s “We All Try” for his song “Reminded.”, as well as Adele’s “Someone Like You.”

Frank Ocean – We All Try [Click to Download]

Previous: Sid Sriram – Farther, Closer ( Sponsored Single)
Similar: Tyga [Ft. Adele] – Reminded + Cello Kid [Ft. Adele] – Talk Of The Town

KiD CuDi – Rollin’ (Zoroaster Remix) + Marijuana + Pursuit of Happiness remixes


Zoroaster is a DJ from California who specializes in dubstep/ambient/electronic songs. So far I have only heard him create remixes, but I bet he would be able to make some amazing originals, as well. Here are three of his remixes to some of KiD CuDi’s songs. Enjoy!

KiD CuDi – Pursuit of Happiness (Zoroaster Remix) [Click to Download]

KiD CuDi – Rollin’ (Zoroaster Remix) [Click to Download]

KiD CuDi – Marijuana (Zoroaster Remix) [Click to Download]

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Purity Ring – Ungirthed


Real Nice Electro/Indie Song

Heres a new song from a new artist (to me) which has one of the most catchy beats I’ve heard in awhile.  I think with a solid bass line someone could make a pretty sick hop-hip beat out of this, but until now we have some solid female indie vocals over it which I am really enjoying and make this a real solid track.   Enjoy!

Download ‘Purity Ring – Ungirthed’

Vonnegutt – $Free.99 (Mixtape Sponsored By )


Update: Working download link. Sorry about the inconvenience. presents to you another mixtape, and this time, we a proud to present a free mixtape titled $Free.99 from an alternative hip-hop band from Marietta, GA, Vonnegutt. This group comprised of Kyle Lucas, Neil Garrard, Patrick Postlewait, and Taylor White is signed by Big Boi (of OutKast) under Purple Ribbon Records. With features from a number of artists they respect like Big Boi, Hoodie Allen, Machine Gun Kelly, OnCue, Sonny Shotz (of The Dean’s List), 2AM Club, Mat Musto, Theo Martins, and many more, this is an unbelievable project full of originally produced songs, some of which are covers/remixes. Simon Illa cooks up most of the beats, and Kyle Lucas spits fire throughout the tape. Like Vonnegutt on facebook HERE, and do yourself a favor, and download this now!

Vonnegutt – $Free.99 (Mixtape Sponsored By ) [Click to Download]

Vonnegutt – Dammit [Ft. OnCue, Hoodie Allen, & Shanell aka SnL]

Vonnegutt – Over Being Sober [Ft. Mat Musto, Syd Vicious, & Machine Gun Kelly]

Vonnegutt – Runaway [Ft. 2AM Club & Sonny Shotz]

Vonnegutt – Follow Us (Remix) [Ft. Big Boi]

Vonnegutt – Gone [Ft. Mat Musto, Mic Terror & FreeSol]

Vonnegutt – $Free.99 (Mixtape Sponsored By ) [Click to Download]