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Archive for April, 2011 Presents The Best Of April 17 – 23


Best Videos of the Week:

Download: Vibe (Chris Young The Rapper & Rossy) – Touch The Stars

Download: OCD Moosh & Twist – Black Forest Gummy Worms

Download: The Good Husbands – Things I Haven’t Done

Download: Dean and Ravo [Ft. Josh Cocktail] – Follow Me

Best Mixtapes of the Week:

Download: Presents… Sticky Icky: The Mixtape (Sponsored By

Download: Wiz Khalifa – Wizdom (Mixtape)

Download: 5 & A Dime – Ear Candy (Mashup Mixtape)

Download: Cisco Adler – SuperCaliforniaLipstickSexyMagicDopeShit (Mixtape)

Download: White Noise Mashups – WHITEOUT (Mashup Mixtape)

Download: Fabolous – The S.O.U.L Tape (Mixtape)

Best Songs of the Week:

Best Songs from April 17 – 23 (Download All) [Click Here]

Best Songs from April 17 – 23 (Download Individually) [Click Here]

Best Songs from April 17 – 23 (Download All) [Click Here]

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Best Songs of the Week:

Best Songs from April 17 – 23 (Download All) [Click Here]

1. StartYourOwnRebellion [Ft. J. Cole] – Let It Go
2. Mother Earth Remixes & Young Church [2Pac vs. Birdy] – Skinny Pain
3. Vibe (Chris Young The Rapper & Rossy) – Touch The Stars
4. Mac Miller – Piffsburgh
5. David Guetta [Ft. Nicki Minaj & Flo Rida] – Where Dem Girls At
6. The 58′s [Ft. Mac Miller] – Mary Jane (Prod. Johnny Juliano)
7. Dean and Ravo [Ft. Josh Cocktail] – Follow Me
8. Aer – Story To Tell (Biggie Remix)
9. Mac Miller – 3rd Dimension
10. PJ Simas [Ft. Jordan Corey] – That Good Life
11. Rob Resnick (of Timeflies) [B.o.B vs. Usher vs. The Killers] – The Adventures of Mr. Brightside
12. Beastie Boys – Make Some Noise
13. Mac Miller – Let’s Get High
14. Wiz Khalifa [Ft. Chevy Woods] – Can’t Fuck Wit It
15. Erik Paul [Ft. Kelly Sweet] – So It Goes
16. Childish Gambino – Put It In My Video (Good Form Remix)
17. Mac Miller – People Under The Stairs

Best Songs from April 17 – 23 (Download All) [Click Here]

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Warm Gun – All Real (Video + mp3)


Warm Gun is an artist from Seattle, WA, who will be working with To Infinity, a producer from the area, on some new projects. “All Real” has a dope instrumental, which you should recognize and love. Warm Gun waited until the production on his music was good enough for him to reach out for extra, so I hope you like the quality found in this song. Shouts to Shane Richardson, McKenna Elves, and also Warm Gun for showing me this song.

Download: Warm Gun – All Real

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Mansions On The Moon – Darkness [Video]


Back in October we first got a taste of Mansions On The Moon with their release of Paradise Falls and now they are hard at work on their next release.  A few days ago they released the latest single/teaser called Darkness that shows them in the studio as they work on the track as well as the album…. this song has much more of an ambient feel to it and might be a little too slow for some of you but I am really feeling it and am excited to get some more music from MOTM… Enjoy!

Chiddy Bang – Manners (Live)


Fresh off breaking a world record, Chiddy didn’t see a need to slow down as he went directly into a performance of a new song entitled “Manners,” of course with the assist from Xaphoon. As for that mixtape, don’t shoot the messenger (me). I guess Chiddy just misspoke? Peanut Butter & Swelly on the way, presumably. I won’t hold my breath.

Download: Chiddy Bang – Manners (Live)

Nardwuar vs. Lil Wayne (Video)


Well thanks to Mr. Drizzy, the human serviette, better known as Nardwuar, recently took on Mr. Carter during Young Money’s recent tour stop in Canada. Although Wayne seems skeptical at first, he quickly loosens up thanks in large part to Nardwuar’s endless goodie bag. Enjoy..

Tyler, The Creator – Thurnis Haley Golf Wang Part 2 (Video)


If yesterday’s leak wasn’t enough to get you excited for Tyler, The Creator’s forthcoming LP entitled Goblin, here’s installment #2 of his album promo that showcases one of Tyler’s alter-ego. Watch the video and be sure not to grab Tyler’s balls. Goblin, May 10th.

Huey Mack – Syllabus Week (Official Video)


Get Ready For The Freshman 15

Well I had been hearing a lot of hype from Huey Mack and Jon Kilmer for this video, and they backed it up. The video shows what college should be: with beautiful women, a fake wedding, beer, cigs (im sure those were hand rold tobacco products) nice weather, and crazy animal costumes. This got me pumped for Freshman 15 which will be dropping exclusively on GoodMusicAllDay, since we are a sponsor of the tape. This video came out just in time for the weekend, so grab a beer and get ready to go out and party.

Tyler, The Creator – Tron Cat


Tylers back again with insane lyrics and catchy beat and the same Odd Future sound. Personally I cannot wait for this album to come out and I hope you guys are too. I’m gonna stop talking though so this can be released to you all… enjoy!

Tyler, The Creator – Tron Cat [click to download]

DMCJ UPDATE: Tyler just clarified for the Twitter world that this is not the version that will appear on the album. Even though the snippet on Amazon sounds exactly the same. Maybe Tyler misspoke… Stay Tuned.