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Bobby Ray – Kids (‘Live Lounge’ MGMT Cover)


Awesome: Must Download

Do not be fooled by the iffy quality because it is live or the beginning of it which sounds kinda sketchy because this track is an awesome cover and take on the MGMT track. For those of you who don’t know (first of all go punch yourself in the face) but Bobby Ray is a true artist as he plays the piano and guiatr (and not like Wayne “plays” the guitar, he actually can jam). So listen to this and enjoy

Also, I am proud to announce the official opening of the GMAD Store where you can grab the official GMAD Shirt (the one worn by Mike Posner and Na Palm) so check that out. I am trying to listen to your guys requests for making the site better and this is one step. I’m also adding more GMAD members, working on playlists, and putting the posts up by category so searching is easier. I am trying to listen to you guys so any more recommendations is appreciated.

Drake ft Wale – Boy Meets Girl (Dj Pyro Mix)


Aweomse Mash-up

This is a must download for any mash-up fan. In the last week I have posted a couple mash-ups like this one so if you like this scroll down and look for Lil Wayne’s name in the track title because he is in all three. And yes the pic has CuDi in it but he is not on the track, just a cool pic. Well this is an awesome combo and candy for your ears . . .

Drake ft Wale – Boy Meets Girl (Dj Pyro Mix) (click to download)


Bruno Mars -The First Time (Prod by David Guetta)


Fun Track

Well this was an interesting combination to see, Bruno working with David Guetta but it works pretty well. It’s a fun, pretty repetitive track. I think most of you guys will like this combo and for those of you who actually give it a listen enjoy. Unfortunately it has tags but it will have to do for now . . .

Update: Link removed per request by Atlantic Records

The Hood Internet – Good Ol’ Fashion Rump Shaker (Beastie Boys vs Matt and Kim)


Great Hood Internet

Well it’s tough to produce high quality mash-ups when you come out with as many as The Hood Internet mash-up duo does consistently, but somehow they are able to. This is one of my favorites of their recent releases and I think it will be for you guys too. Check it out . . .

The Hood Internet – Good Ol’ Fashion Rump Shaker (Beastie Boys vs Matt and Kim) (click to download)


The Cool Kids – Freak City


First Tacklebox Leak

Here is the first leak from The Cool Kids upcoming mixtape Tacklebox which I can not wait to drop tomorrow night. Two more leaks have come out since this one, the first one, and I didn’t feel like posting them but you can check em out here.

The Cool Kids – Freak City (click to download)


Rebelution – Otherside (Amp Live Remix)


Nice Remix

I know I am bad with names so I forget where credit is due with this one so I apologize to whoev I’m jipping off a shout out too but regardless here is a tight remix someone sent me the other day and I have been meaning to get up for you guys. Check it out . . .

Rebelution – Otherside (Amp Live Remix) (click to download)


Jeff Henderson – Phantom Part III feat. Justice


Another Jeff Henderson Track

Alright so the guy who brought you the hit song Bb which got over 2,000 downloads has hit me up with a couple more tracks. They aren’t as good as Bb in my opinion, but then again that track has been one of my favorites of 2010 so that’s not saying a lot. Well see what you think of this one, he still does his thing and it’s good, check it out . . .

Jeff Henderson -  Phantom Part III feat. Justice (click to download)


Congrats John Schramm


3 Song Contest Winner

Well it is midnight on Sunday which means the polls have closed and you guys have decided the winner. Congrats to Dan John Schramm for sending in the 3 best songs and here they are in case you missed them. I know some of you complained that “Kids” has been remixed too much but I do think this is really good mash-up of it. The picture is also kind of ironic because I am a huge Flyers fan being from the Philly area and the winner, John, is actually from Chicago . . . guess we’ll see how the rest of the series goes cuz right now I got no trash talking to do. And in case you missed the whole contest you can download all the songs and everything here. Enjoy . . .

John Schramm (shout out to Marian Catholic High School and some trash bball player Tyrus Thomas #12) (CLICK TO DOWNLOAD JOHN’S WINNING SUBMISSIONS)

Man On Fire – Opposite of Adults (Remix ft Jay-Z)

Dumbfoundead – Different Galaxies ft. Sam Ock