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Marc E. Bassy – when i feel like the shit, we feel like the shit


Recently, we were proud to announce that GMAD favorite 2AM Club’s lead singer Marc E. Bassy was venturing off on a solo project. Last week he hit us with his latest single “Relapse”, and today he’s back with more. New from the Los Angeles based front-man comes the track, “when i feel like the shit, we feel like the shit”. With a catchy intro sample leading into Marc’s powerful yet soothing vocals, this new track has only gotten us more excited to see what kind of hip-hop and pop infused hit he comes up with next. Check out more of Marc E. Bassy on SoundCloud, and follow him on Twitter. Enjoy.

marc e bassy feel like shit

FYÜTCH – The Other Future (Official Video)


Just a few weeks ago Nardwuar interviewed the ATL hip-hop artist by the name of Future. Within that interview he made it known to Future that there was a previous Future before him that had to change his name because of all his success. Well with that the name FYÜTCH was born. FYÜTCH, the Nashville, TN native has been putting out music since 2009 and even writing poems and raps when he was little. Since the name change, FYÜTCH has been releasing new projects, singles and even helps run a studio in Nashville for the youth to help the younger emcees develop and give them hope. Well with all that being said, FYÜTCH follows up his release of “The Other Future” with an awesome video of him in the studio with other upcoming artists proving he is the original Future. Without further ado I present to you all the official video for “The Other Future” from our good friend FYÜTCH. If you wanna hear more from the TN native be sure to follow him on Soundcloud and Twitter. Enjoy.


PropaneLv – Memory Lane (Remix) [Nas Illmatic XX Tribute]


With the upcoming 20th anniversary of Nas’ Illmatic album, PropaneLv decided to drop a remix to one of his favorite tracks from the album “Memory Lane”. Here we not only get a dope remix but a sweet video to accompany it. PropaneLv is no stranger to GMAD as we first featured him on the site back in 2011. Since then he has come a long way perfecting his sound and making some quality music. Let us know what you think of this tribute track and be sure to follow PropaneLv on Soundcloud and Twitter. Enjoy.

FREE DOWNLOAD: PropaneLv – Memory Lane (Remix)

Logic – While You Wait (Prod. Swiff D)


Logic and the whole Visionary Music Group has become some of the top artists in 2013 and now 2014. With release after release, Logic has been killing the hip-hop game lately. Here he drops off his latest track for the fans titled “While You Wait”. Logic is hitting the road on his ‘While You Wait’ tour with Quest and Castro so be sure to grab tickets to a show near you below. For now check out the latest single and be sure to follow Logic on Soundcloud and Twitter. Enjoy.


logic while you wait

ZHU Ft. Sean Dee – Faded (Remix)


After taking a hiatus since November 2013 to perfect his craft, Sean Dee delivers arguably his best track to date. For his first release of 2014, he takes on the “mysterious” ZHU‘s smooth hit “Faded” and flips it into a superb, fast paced rap remix. His clever lines and swift flow will surely impress not only his current fan base, but those just being introduced to him as well. Be sure to grab the free download below and don’t forget to follow Sean Dee on Soundcloud and Twitter. Enjoy.

FREE DOWNLOAD: ZHU Ft. Sean Dee – Faded (Remix)

sean dee faded remix

Wiz Khalifa – We Dem Boyz (Official Video)


Wiz Khalifa has come a long way since he released “Kush & OJ” in 2010. With release after release Wiz has become one of the biggest names in the hip-hop game. Not to long ago he released the single “We Dem Boyz” which has been remixed several times. Well with that being said, Wiz takes the original track and releases the official video for the single. Taking it to the neighborhood, Wiz creates a block party with all his crew and fans and turns this video into one big party. Be sure to check it out below and go show Wiz some love on Twitter. Enjoy.

Download via iTunes: Wiz Khalifa – We Dem Boyz

Childish Gambino – Sweatpants (Feat. Problem) [Official Video]


Childish Gambino is so talented and the release of his latest album “Because The Internet” just propelled him to a whole different level of success. One of my favorite tracks from the project is the single “Sweatpants” featuring Problem. Well last night Donald Glover dropped off the visuals for the single and it is a little trippy but super dope. Taking place in a diner, Childish goes back and forth to the jukebox while people keep turning into someone else. I don’t wanna give away to much so go watch it for yourself and be sure to follow Childish Gambino on Soundcloud and Twitter. Enjoy.

iTunes: Childish Gambino – Because The Internet [Album]

Skiff – White Rap Commandments


It’s Sunday, and that means it’s time for a new track from Skiff. This week, he releases a track that is a great commentary on white rappers place in the music industry. With advice for fellow upcoming rappers, Skiff raps about what it takes to grind in the beginning stages of a career and the importance of properly branding yourself in a tough industry. If you missed last weeks City of Kings Freestyle, check it out here and go give Skiff a follow on Twitter. Enjoy!

FREE DOWNLOAD: Skiff – White Rap Commandments

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