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The Code – Gravity (Ft. G-Eazy)


A rising production duo, The Code have an international appeal but a British sound. Their sound embodies various styles of music in their creations with influences ranging from Fleetwood Mac to James Blake and beyond. Today they are here to release their newest single titled “Gravity” featuring GMAD favorite G-Eazy. The beat has a r&b feel to it sounding similar to The Weeknd or Clams Casino. G-Eazy is the only verse on this instrumental driven track but damn does he kill it. Great single over all. Check it out below and be sure to follow The Code and G-Eazy on SoundCloud an Twitter. Enjoy.

the code gravity g-eazy

Lil Dicky – Spontaneity


When it comes to Lil Dicky, I don’t know whether to laugh at his lyrics or to be amazing at the delivery of those lyrics. What started as a comical joke, Lil Dicky has taken his career to a whole new serious level. With that being said the Philadelphia native is back with a little spontaneous single titled “Spontaneity”. With a piano driven slower instrumental this single is one that will have you listening throughout the entire 3 and a half minutes. Be sure to check it out below and don’t forget to follow Lil Dicky on SoundCloud and Twitter. Enjoy.

FREE DOWNLOAD: Lil Dicky – Spontaneity

lil dicky spontaneity

William Bolton – Summer Breeze [Album]


William Bolton has become a favorite of ours here at GMAD for quite some time now. Ever since the release of his song “Passion” which was on the ‘Satisfaction’ demo tape, William has truly grown into quite the artist. Today he is here to release his newest album titled “Summer Breeze”. The concept for the project is A DayDream. William Bolton went through some pretty rough times this year, and he created these songs to keep himself going. Each track is separate dream that fits into the collection. Many of the tracks were produced by William aka Times New Roman himself and he plays guitar on the majority of the tracks. Check it out for yourself below and be sure to show him some love via SoundCloud and Twitter. Enjoy.

FREE DOWNLOAD: William Bolton – Summer Breeze [Album]


william bolton summer breeze

Eventide – The Wait (Official Video)


The first time we introduced everyone to Eventide was just a few months ago when they dropped their EP “Swells”. On that FREE EP was the hit single “The Wait”. Sounding very similar to Aer, Radical Something and Academy these guys have done very well on the site and have gained many new fans since that release. Today the guys are back with their first music video for “The Wait”. Following the guys and their friends on a day of fun this video will bring a smile to your day. Let us know what you think and don’t forget to follow Eventide on SoundCloud and Twitter. Enjoy.

FREE DOWNLOAD: Eventide – Swells [EP]

Logic – Driving Ms. Daisy ft. Childish Gambino


Once I heard about the collaboration between Logic & Childish Gambino I knew right away without a doubt that this record would be straight fire. The record is definitely more on the laid-back side, but Logic and Gambino both certainly delivered with their verses over the production that was brought to us by Logic himself as well as some help from VMG member, 6ix. Logic stated earlier this week via Twitter that this record was made while he was on tour, and he also shared that he was going through a lot at the time and put it all into this song. Logic has been working day and night on his debut album that is being released via Def Jam Records and from what I’ve heard through the grape vine we might be hearing it and even more importantly buying it in stores pretty soon. Stream Driving Ms. Daisy via Soundcloud below, let us know what you think, and enjoy!


OnCue – So Much Love (Official Video)


Last week OnCue dropped the audio for this song, and today he follows it up with a spectacular video directed by our friend Hunter Lyon. The video goes through 24 hours of a troubled teen balancing a rough home life, drug culture, and more while showcasing OnCue’s raw passion for what he raps about. Next week OnCue drops his album Angry Young Man, executively produced by Just Blaze, and we could not be more excited for it. It’s been far too long since we’ve had a full project from Cuey, and it’s clear this is his best work to date. Enjoy!

FREE DOWNLOAD: OnCue – So Much Love (click here)

Pell – Runaway (Official Video)


If you like Kid Cudi, Raury, or anyone of that caliber, stop what you are doing and watch this new video for Pell. With amazing reviews from USA Today, Complex, XXL, and Fader it is clear that Pell is destined for greatness and this video is just his latest proof that he is onto something special. The song is off his latest album, Floating While Dreaming, and if you like what you hear, go download the whole project here. Pell is a breath of fresh air in the hip-hop scene and one of the must watch acts of 2014. Enjoy!

Buy on iTunes: Pell – Floating While Dreaming (click here)

Childish Gambino – 3005 (SKULS Remix)


SKULS dropped the first remix of their career with this brilliant “3005 remix” by Childish Gambino. The song is DOPE because it has an incredible vibe like it could have substituted for the original version. Underneath Childish Gambino’s fire rap flows, SKULS laid down an exuberantly dreamy blend of electronic music and hip-hop beats that has a sweet galactic sound. A perfect song for chill-out playlists, SKULS’ “3005 remix” by Childish Gambino is definitely one of the best “3005 remixes” around. Download the track for free by liking SKULS on Facebook. Enjoy!

Free Download: Childish Gambino – 3005 (SKULS RIP)

Untitled-1 (1) (1)

Marvin Divine – Stay With Me (Remix)


Marvin Divine‘s release streak continues with the next epic succession, a remix of Sam Smith‘s “Stay With Me”. Marvin talks about love, life, relationships, and dreams; themes that are not often covered in such deep sincerity in the rap scene. Marvin Divine has definitely stepped up his game lately with releases and this is a prime example. If you are new to Marvin Divine be sure to check out his SoundCloud for more music and don’t forget to follow him on Twitter. Enjoy.

FREE DL: Marvin Divine – Stay With Me (Remix) (Prod. SimsBeats)

marvin divine stay with me remix

OPENMIC – Floss (Official Video)


OPENMIC releases “Floss”, the opening record from his highly anticipated project FOR THE REBELS 2. With trippy production and progressive creative approach, Openmic shows us where the nickname “Mike Floss” originated. The video, put together by Organized Visuals, features OPENMIC traveling around his hometown’s landmarks, Cadillac’s, and even an iconic visit back to his high school. Check out what the Nashville rapper has to say about this release below, give him a follow on Twitter, and enjoy!

“This song for me was like taking a deep breath. I didn’t overthink concepts or lyrics…I just told my story. I think it’s fitting to organically just show people where I’m from and some of the homies. Turn my flaws into floss is that moment where I realized that we can’t fail as long as we keep going. Every mistake every slip up….can’t even trip about it because the end result is a win.” – OPENMIC

Witt Lowry – Lay Here (Prod. Tido Vegas)


Fresh off the release of his first music video and a name-change, Witt Lowry (formerly known as Witty) is back with another record that is sure to capture the attention of thousands. After realizing that the name “Witty” was no longer fitting nor copyrightable, the change to Witt Lowry was made. Though the name Witty may no longer be existent, the content and passion still is. In “Lay Here”, Witt tells us about a former relationship of his, and why it didn’t end up working out. Once again, Witt teams up with Tido Vegas (producer of ”Like I Do”) to give us a beautiful record, showcasing his talents beautifully. Witt describes “Lay Here” as a song about “being with someone that has feelings for you, but not having the same feelings for them”. This release is the last single that Witt will be releasing, as he is currently working on his upcoming album “Dreaming With Our Eyes Open”. The album is on track for a release in late 2014, and Witt hope to have the first single out by late October. As always be sure to show Witt some love and don’t forget to follow him on SoundCloud and Twitter. Enjoy.

FREE DOWNLOAD: Witt Lowry – Lay Here (Prod. Tido Vegas)

witt lay here