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Raury – Indigo Child Project


If you haven’t listened to Raury before then you need to stop what you are doing and go take a listen right now. Here the Atlanta native is back with a brand new project titled “Indigo Child” that combines folk and alternative music and blows ours minds away once again. Raury is growing a fan base that is so loyal that it’s time for you all to jump on the bandwagon. Check out the new project below and check out more music via SoundCloud and Twitter. To get the FREE download you have to score a 1500 on the game below. Good Luck & Enjoy.

PLAY TO WIN YOUR FREE DL: Raury – Indigo Child Project


raury indigo child

Vance Joy – Riptide (Sun City Edit)


Two years ago we posted a track from Sun City, the electro-indie duo from Australia , and now they are back with a great remix to Vance Joy’s hit single, ‘Riptide’.  I already loved the original version because of it’s very catchy lyrics and folk sounds and it might even be better now with what Sun City has done with with edit.  Enjoy!



Möwe – Call You Home (Bootleg)


For those who were a fan of our last two Chill Summer Mixtapes (Blizzard and Heat Wave Editions) then I have a brand new artist that I am sure you will love.  Möwe is a producer duo (Mel and Clemens) from Vienna that was formed about a year ago and has been putting out amazing chill tracks ever sense.  Today I want to highlight their newest track which is a bootleg remix to Call You Home by Kelvin Jones and is just very addictive while you listen to it.  Featuring a great guitar riff, a bouncy bass line and soulful vocals this bootleg is just a perfect track to throw on an chill to.  If you like what you hear be sure to check out their SoundCloud for more great tracks and be sure to grab ‘Call You Home’ below.  Enjoy!




*SotD* Sam Burchfield – Monopoly


Today’s *Submission Of The Day (SotD)* is Sam Burchfield, a singer/songwriter currently based in Athens, GA. He was raised in Seneca, SC and spent his younger years developing his guitar playing and adding in vocals as he grew older. Now attending the University of Georgia, he hopes to gain as much knowledge about the music business as possible while experiencing it with his local band Street Rhythm & Rhyme. With a voice that can be soft and sultry, or full of a loud southern soul, the music Sam Burchfield performs is full of passion. Check out more of his music HERE and don’t forget to follow him on Twitter. Finally, don’t forget to submit music and vote on submission for your chance to be our *SotD*. Enjoy.





FREE DOWNLOAD: Sam Burchfield – Monopoly

Screen Shot 2014-02-04 at 3.19.05 PM

GMAD Presents: TCSM (Blizzard Edition)


Over the summer we put together a 17 track mix of chill electro songs to keep you entertained while you blasted the AC, accurately called “The Chill Summer Mixtape: Heatwave Edition” and now as the snow hits we put together another one.  This time calling it “TCSM: Blizzard Edition”, but even though the title is opposite of its predecessor it is full of more of the same chill electro sounds.  Featuring remixes to tracks by The Lumineers, Bon Iver, William Fitzsimmons, Benjamin Francis Leftwich, and Passenger this will have a very strong indie presence but we also threw in some remixes by GRiZ, Manic Focus, and Ta-ku to add in chill-step, trap and hip-hop to bring the whole mixtape together.  This is a great compilation to listen from start to finish as you heat-up next to your furnace  as the snow piles up outside your door.  Enjoy and Happy Holidays!




TCSM Blizzard

MisterWives – Twisted Tongue


One of our favorite new bands in 2013 was MisterWives, and today they are back with some more great FREE music for us! This is much more upbeat than their previous releases on GMAD including their cover of “Hold On, We’re Going Home” and their hit Lullaby, but this song still has that signature sound that the lead singer Mandy brings to each song. This is off their new EP “Reflections” which is dropping on January 7th and sure to set the pace for a huge 2014 for them. Check out there tour dates here and enjoy!

FREE DOWNLOAD: MisterWives – Twisted Tongue


Passenger – Let Her Go (Filtercrush Remix)


Filtercrush has been making a lot of huge remixes this year. With such songs like “Little Lion Man”, “Under Control” and “Play Hard” to say a few these guys have done a great job musically. Here they put their skills to work again and remix the Passenger single “Let Her Go”. If you enjoy this single be sure to follow Filtercrush on Twitter for future releases. Enjoy.

Filtercrush: “With December upon us, we have a little treat for all you guys once again! This time, we decided to put our touch on one of our favorites; Passenger’s “Let Her Go”. We wanted to make a version that we could play out, but while trying to stay with the feel of the original. Hopefully we were able to breathe new life into this heartfelt, emotive folk song. We hope you like it!”

FREE DOWNLOAD: Passenger – Let Her Go (Filtercrush Remix)

let her go filtercrush remix

Jackson Breit – Sunny Side


Ever since the release of his EP  ’In The Shade’, Jackson Breit has been absolutely killing it.  He has now released a self-produces track that if you couldn’t tell from the title is gonna be the perfect track for this upcoming warm weather… or maybe it’s just a good track while eating eggs?  humm…. well a great track never-the-less… Enjoy!