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Manicanparty – Warpaint


It’s been a while since we gave you an update on the Brooklyn tribal-pop duo Manicanparty. Since releasing their debut EP in October of 2013 the pair have stayed extremely busy in preparation for their next EP entitled, “The District”. Today, they are back with a brand new track that is the lead single off the upcoming EP. The track, “Warpaint”, is quintessential Manicanparty in their truest form. Boasting infectious tribal rhythms, powerful synthesizers, and the ease at which lead singer Jessica Corazza demonstrates her remarkable vocal range, this track is a perfect introduction for anyone who has yet to hear of this amazing duo. Check out Manicanparty on Facebook, follow them on Twitter, and grab their first EP off their SoundCloud for free. Enjoy!

FREE DOWNLOAD: Manicanparty – Warpaint

manicanparty warpaint

Marc E. Bassy – Relapse


2AM Club’s very own Marc E. Bassy is venturing out on a solo career and we couldn’t be more excited. Already being a huge fan of 2AM Club, the front man is releasing solo music under this name. Here he lets us have a dope single titled “Relapse”. With a slowed down ambient instrumental, Marc does a great job working in his vocal capability into this single. Marc got to debut this solo music on our stage at SXSW and we couldn’t have been more impressed. With such an amazing unique vocal range Marc brings a little bit of pop and a little bit of hip-hop in his new track. Be sure to check it out and don’t forget to follow Marc E. Bassy on Soundcloud and Twitter. Enjoy.


marc e bassy relapse

Justina – Glitters (Aint Gold) [Video]


*GMAD Premiere* It’s been over a year since we premiered Justina here on GMAD. Since then the versatile New Jersey singer and rapper has done nothing but build a steady following all across the country. Following her supporting tour of Mike Stud last fall, and subsequently releasing a new EP, “Valentine”, Justina is quickly on the come-up.

Today, she’s back with a new video for the single “Glitters (Aint Gold)” which was produced by multi platinum producer, Infamous. Check it out and be sure to follow Justina on Soundcloud and Twitter. Enjoy.

Download via iTunes: Justina – Valentine [EP]

Kev Decor – Cops


Often times what makes a hip-hop artist great is through their ability to distinguish themselves with a unique sound that breaks the mold of the already over saturated genre. We’ve seen this recently with breakout success from artists like Kendrick Lamar, Chance The Rapper, and more recently GMAD favorite G-Eazy. This ‘uniqueness’ is what we’ve come to expect from New Jersey newcomer Kev Decor, who since we released his video for the song “Up and Up”, has been doing exactly that.

Today Kev is back with a new single, “Cops”, a track he produced himself with the help of LunÁtic. Loud, quick hitting, and overtly anti-establishment, Kev doesn’t hold back as he raps, “Call the coppers, man they gonna need hella copters, we just trynna feed our mommas”, while all throughout the track police sirens blare. With a flow that sets him apart and a sound all his own, we wouldn’t be surprised to see Kev Decor rise to the same level of success as the three aforementioned artists. Check out more of his music on his Facebook, follow him on Twitter, and grab the free download from his Soundcloud. Enjoy!

Free Download: Kev Decor – Cops

kev decor cops

Michal Menert – Your Ghost (Official Video)


As the first signed artist to Pretty Lights Music and co-producer of Pretty Lights’ 2006 debut album, Michal Menert has been a resounding voice/influence for a genre of music that I have come to love. Today, Menert dropped the official visuals for one of his older tracks, the amazing “Your Ghost.” The song is an emotional, soulful song that repeats the line “What would I say to you?” forcing the listener to ponder what would they would do when faced with someone they’ve lost. With haunting black and white visuals, the video is a brilliant representation of the song, showing Menert struggling with his emotions, falling into the trap of alcohol, and seeming lost in the world when alone. Made in remembrance of his father, this song and video are a beautiful, artistic expression to the aftermath of losing someone close. Enjoy!

Free Download: Michal Menert – Your Ghost

MisterWives – Reflections (Flaxo Remix)


A few weeks ago we gave you an update on the New York based dance/soul outfit Misterwives. It is no wonder since following the release of their debut EP “Reflections”, the title track has gotten immense play-back and has been remixed all across the internet.

This remix comes from fellow NYC DJ, Flaxo. Touted as “fairly different from the sound you might be used to”, this remix adds a very distinct Moombahton feel (when the drop hits) to an already pop and rock infused track. The results make for an explosive remix, and we’re sure it’ll be a staple of your spring break playlist for the coming weeks. Check out Flaxo’s Soundcloud, and head over to his Facebook to give him a “Like” and download this track for free. Enjoy!

Free Download: Reflections – Misterwives (Flaxo Remix)

flaxo remix cover misterwives

Fiction 20 Down – The PM Side [Mixtape]


*GMAD Premiere* We are very excited to present to you all a brand new mixtape from a group that goes by the name Fiction 20 Down. Singer/guitarist Jordan leads the musical charge with a vocal delivery that effortlessly twists & turns between the croon of pop star & the swagger of an emcee. When not too busy banging the drums, Dre adds to the vocal portfolio with soulful harmonies and a smooth, deep-set hip-hop delivery. The uniquely groovy foundation of the band’s sound is laid by Deejmon, while Wes adds the edge with his precise lead play. Jordan & Dre round out the F20D sound with their work on the synth & keys. With all that being said their new project titled “The PM Side” is a great combination of pop, hip-hip, reggae and rock. Be sure to grab your FREE download and don’t forget to follow Fiction20Down on Soundcloud and Twitter. Enjoy.

“We typically have hiphop elements to all of our studio material, but we wanted to more fully realize that with the new mixtape.  We took advantage of some remix work we did with Prospek (New Orleans HipHop Awards “Producer of the Year”); some hiphop productions I had done during my past studio work in Baltimore; and rounded things out with a new full-band song we’ve recently been playing live called “Doubting Tom” – we put it all together and created the “The PM side”. We’re stoked to partner w/ GoodMusicAllDay for it’s release…. and we’re already at work on the follow-up!”  - Jordan, Fiction 20 Down


FREE DOWNLOAD: Fiction 20 Down – The PM Side [Mixtape]


fiction 20 down cover

Young Beautiful in a Hurry (YBinaHurry) – Royalty [EP]


*GMAD Premiere* Young Beautiful in a Hurry formed in 2011 in Los Angeles. The line-up includes drummer Bryan Taylor, bassist Pete Griffin and keyboardist Chris Norton. Their music is the evolving work of accomplished guitarist and lead vocalist, songwriter for SyFy’s Defiance, Brendan McCreary. Brendan’s commanding vocals and musicianship have been featured prominently in the ground-breaking series “Battlestar Galactica“, as well as dozens of other projects including AMC’s worldwide sensation “The Walking Dead“. The first time these guys were on the site they charted top 5 for an entire week. With all this being said the guys are here with a brand new FREE EP titled “Royalty”. With 7 unbelievable tracks that remind me of a mix between Queen, RHCP, Imagine Dragons and more; this EP is a must download. Be sure to check out more of YBinaHurry’s music via Soundcloud and don’t forget to follow them on Twitter. Enjoy.

FREE DOWNLOAD: YBinaHurry – Royalty [EP] | iTunes