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The Neighbourhood – H8M4CH1NE (feat. Danny Brown)


Well this collaboration is huge. Today The Neighbourhood links up with hip-hop emcee Danny Brown for the newest release titled “H8M4CH1NE”. With a very interesting instrumental to undermine the track, this single is one that people are either going to love or hate. This is said to be off The NBHD’s project ‘#000000 & #FFFFFF‘. Check it out below and don’t forget to follow The Neighbourhood on SoundCloud and Twitter. Enjoy.

FREE DL: The Neighbourhood - H8M4CH1NE (feat. Danny Brown)

the neighbourhood danny brown h8machine

Alexander Mendoza – Church Bells (Feat. Sam Fischer)


Alexander Mendoza has been a GMAD favorite for quite some time now. Being on the site for the last 4 years we have come accustom to his amazing sound. Today he is back with the 2nd single “Church Bells” featuring Sam Fischer off his upcoming project titled “Libre”. With an amazing vocal track from Sam, Mendoza really lays down some powerful instrumentation to create a great new single. If you are new to Alexander Mendoza be sure to check out more music via SoundCloud and don’t forget to follow him on Twitter. Enjoy.

FREE DOWNLOAD w/ Pre-Order: Alexander Mendoza – Church Bells (Ft. Sam Fischer)

mendoza libre

The Code – Gravity (Ft. G-Eazy)


A rising production duo, The Code have an international appeal but a British sound. Their sound embodies various styles of music in their creations with influences ranging from Fleetwood Mac to James Blake and beyond. Today they are here to release their newest single titled “Gravity” featuring GMAD favorite G-Eazy. The beat has a r&b feel to it sounding similar to The Weeknd or Clams Casino. G-Eazy is the only verse on this instrumental driven track but damn does he kill it. Great single over all. Check it out below and be sure to follow The Code and G-Eazy on SoundCloud an Twitter. Enjoy.

the code gravity g-eazy

William Bolton – Summer Breeze [Album]


William Bolton has become a favorite of ours here at GMAD for quite some time now. Ever since the release of his song “Passion” which was on the ‘Satisfaction’ demo tape, William has truly grown into quite the artist. Today he is here to release his newest album titled “Summer Breeze”. The concept for the project is A DayDream. William Bolton went through some pretty rough times this year, and he created these songs to keep himself going. Each track is separate dream that fits into the collection. Many of the tracks were produced by William aka Times New Roman himself and he plays guitar on the majority of the tracks. Check it out for yourself below and be sure to show him some love via SoundCloud and Twitter. Enjoy.

FREE DOWNLOAD: William Bolton – Summer Breeze [Album]


william bolton summer breeze

The Blancos – Say Goodnight + Lock Me Away


Following the release of the ‘Heartless Romantic EP’, their debut project, Brooklyn-based indie duo The Blancos present their newest releases “Say Goodnight” and “Lock Me Away.”

The first track is gritty and aggressive, with a sort of subconscious undertone of “superhero” music. The record serves as an ode to all that has transpired thus far for them plus all the love they’ve been receiving from fans for their refreshing indie/hip-hop sound. The second track “Lock Me Away” is like that of a Wyclef Jean record that meets The Black Keys, only slowed down and turnt up. It’s overall grungy filth matches much of their previously released music, yet introduces an entirely new sound of vocal bends and key riffs that continues to diversify the already versatile indie duo. Entirely self-produced, “Say Goodnight”  and “Lock Me Away” both point to bigger and better releases for them second half of this year. Check out the tracks below and download them for free by liking The Blancos on Facebook. Enjoy!

Free Download: The Blancos – Say Goodnight | Lock Me Away

The Blancos - Say Goodnight

Raury – Indigo Child Project


If you haven’t listened to Raury before then you need to stop what you are doing and go take a listen right now. Here the Atlanta native is back with a brand new project titled “Indigo Child” that combines folk and alternative music and blows ours minds away once again. Raury is growing a fan base that is so loyal that it’s time for you all to jump on the bandwagon. Check out the new project below and check out more music via SoundCloud and Twitter. To get the FREE download you have to score a 1500 on the game below. Good Luck & Enjoy.

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raury indigo child

Ezko – Afrodite feat. Selinax


Ezko is a new name for me but after this new single “Afrodite” featuring Selinax, I am a new fan. Ezko is a young Cameroonian rapper hailing from Gaithersburg, MD. He is a expressive lyricist and gives you an exclusive look on his life experiences of trials, tribulations, triumphs and celebrations with hope that he may positively effect his listeners. Let us know what you think and don’t forget to follow him SoundCloud and Twitter for future releases. Enjoy.

FREE DOWNLOAD: Ezko – Afrodite (feat. Selinax)

ezko afrodite

Wafia – Let Me Love You (Mario Cover)


Holy shit. One of my favorite childhood songs, “Let Me Love You” by Mario, just got an amazing reworking courtesy of Wafia. It’s not just a simple vocal change over the original production, instead the whole song gets revamped to fit her voice. I am an absolute sucker for covers like this, and this one was perfectly executed. Go give Wafia a follow on Twitter and enjoy!

Screen Shot 2014-08-25 at 5.25.54 PM

Robby Hunter Band – Bull Ride


Robby Hunter Band has always done great on GMAD and HypeMachine (specifically with Hard On Me and Bust), and today they are back with a brand new song entitled “Bull Ride”. The song is the second taste of things to come since their debut album Magic City Hippies (released in July 2013) and sets the bar high for things to come. The guys have been busy working on their sophomore LP Hippie Castle, named in honor of the 1970s Miami bungalow they call their home and headquarters. Give them a follow on Twitter, grab the free download, and enjoy!

FREE DOWNLOAD: Robby Hunter Band – Bull Ride

bull ride cover

Under Great Lights – 4:20 (Video)


The Nashville band, Under Great Lights, is one of our favorite new acts of 2014 and today they are back with a new release in the form of a lyric video (done by Will Weyer) for a brand new song “4:20″. While the song clearly has a home with any stoner, the overall song is true to the UGL brand with nothing but upbeat, positive, fun vibes. If you missed their previous releases, including their hit “This Must Be Love”, check them out here. The guys are gearing up for their debut EP release next month, so give them a follow on Twitter and enjoy!

I Know The Chief – R U Mine? (Arctic Monkeys Cover) [Video]


The first time I stumbled upon I Know The Chief back in November of last year I have been anticipating some amazing work from the group. I Know The Chief are the lovechild of former indie band, ‘Passport’. Describing their euphoric sound as ‘Jungle Disco’ the band is one you are going to want to keep on your radar. Here they lets loose a FREE cover to an Arctic Monkey’s song “R U Mine?”. Let us know what you think and don’t forget to check out more music via SoundCloud and to follow them on Twitter. Enjoy.

FREE DL: I Know The Chief – R U Mine? (Arctic Monkeys Cover)