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Wiz Khalifa – Stayin Out All Night


This has been a major week for many artists including, Wiz Khalifa, who has 3 releases in just 2 days. After dropping “You and Your Friends” featuring Ty Dolla $ign and Snoop Dogg, and the massive TMNT collaboration “Shell Shocked,” Wiz dropped another big tune. “Staying Out All Night” is an ode to success, or better yet, Wiz delivering braggadocio lyrics about having fun with his homies. The song has a chill, feel-good vibe where Wiz also drops valuable wisdom about how to live free. Take a listen to the latest single from Wiz Khalifa off Blacc Hollywood and pre-order the album on iTunes! Enjoy.

Pre-Order On iTunes: Wiz Khalifa – Stayin Out All Night

Owl City – Fireflies (SMLE Remix)


SMLE‘s “Fireflies remix” is a really delightful rendition of Owl City’s 2009 classic. A down-tempo remix, SMLE’s chilled-out sounds may take some getting used to. With Owl City’s unforgettable lyrics still being paramount, however, SMLE’s melodic style and  brilliant samples captured the vibe of the original song in an entirely fresh dimension. Take a listen to SMLE’s “Fireflies remix” by Owl City and download it for free by liking the emerging artists on Facebook. Enjoy!

Free Download: Owl City – Fireflies (SMLE Remix)

Owl City - Fireflies (SMLE Remix)

Sam Smith – Stay With Me (Prince Fox Remix)


It’s safe to say that everyone loves Sam Smith and his huge hit single “Stay With Me”. Well with a lot of love comes a lot of remixes. Here one of the stand out remixes to the single is from producer Prince Fox. Keeping the vocals and adding some amazing future bass and synth work he does a great job with this. Let us know what you think and don’t forget to check out more music from Prince Fox via SoundCloud and Twitter. Enjoy.

FREE DOWNLOAD: Sam Smith – Stay With Me (Prince Fox Remix)

prince fox stay with me remix

KyE Nathaniel – Beautiful Day


KyE Nathaniel just released his newest single “Beautiful Day” off of his upcoming ‘Flipping Channels Theme Tape’. Inspired by the movie Ferris Bueller’s Day Off ‘Beautiful Day’ is a story of KyE enjoying a day off. As well as going through a list of things he could potentially do on a carefree day. With the smooth boom bap production from Hannibal King and laid back flow ‘Beautiful Day’ gives you a nice summer time feel. Check it out below and more music from KyE via SoundCloud. Also don’t forget to follow KyE Nathaniel on Twitter. Enjoy.

FREE DOWNLOAD: KyE Nathaniel – Beautiful Day

kye nathaniel beautiful day

Two-9 – Everything (Prod. Mike WiLL Made-It) (Official Video)


Two-9 is a hip-hop collective group based in Atlanta, Georgia. Consisting of FatKidsBrotha members Johnny & Dave, Curtis Williams, Key!, Retro Sushi members Jace & Ceej, Damien, and Wavy Wallace, TheCoolisMac Nique & Papa Jae . Today they released the video for the single “Everything” that was produced by Mike Will Made It. Shot and directed by Matt Swinsky this crazy video takes place in a abandoned warehouse. Amazing job from everyone on this. Check it out below and be sure to follow Two-9 on SoundCloud and Twitter. Enjoy.

Bobby Capri – Make Moves (Ft. Freddie Gibbs)


*GMAD Premiere* Rapper, Bobby Capri released the first single off his upcoming mixtape, Remote Viewing, with this song entitled, “Make Moves.” It features Freddie Gibbs, but points to Capri’s undeniable potential as a rising talent in a saturated hip-hop industry. A raw sounding track, Bobby Capri’s story-telling verses thrive over the authentic hip-hop beat. He raps about hustling through adversity and even drops his own ‘Make moves chorus’ adding his own swag to this smooth hip-hop record. Take a listen to “Make Moves” by Bobby Capri featuring Freddie Gibbs and start following Bobby Capri on Twitter for new music off his upcoming LP dropping soon! Enjoy.

BobbyxGibbs-Make Moves

Nico & Vinz – Am I Wrong (Win & Woo Remix)


Win & Woo is a unfamiliar name here at GMAD but that will quickly change after you listen to their latest release. Here the guys take the Nico & Vinz single “Am I Wrong” and turn it into a tropical house remix that will have everyone bobbing their heads in no time. This single makes you just wanna get up and vibe to the summer remix Win & Woo has given us. If you are new to Win & Woo be sure to check out more of their music via SoundCloud and don’t forget to follow them on Twitter. Enjoy.

FREE DOWNLOAD: Nico & Vinz – Am I Wrong (Win & Woo Remix)

am i wrong win and woo

Cydeways – Stay With Me (Official Video)


Originally from Boston, Dustin Parks traveled out to Los Angeles to pursue his dream as a musician. His music is a collaboration of Reggae & Hip Hop. Dustin and his producer, Trevor Buckingham, started the group Cydeways back in 2012. Together the two mash together different melody’s and beats to create a mix of east and west coast styles. Here the guys dropped the visuals for the reggae summertime feeling single “Stay With Me”. Check it out below and be sure to follow Cydeways on SoundCloud and Twitter. Enjoy.

Under Great Lights – She Was A Dancer (Acoustic)


Stop what you are doing and listen to the beautiful message of this song. One of our favorite upcoming groups is Under Great Lights, and today they released their first visual content. They took a song they wrote called “She Was A Dancer” about the struggles of a young woman and went into a studio and poured their heart into an acoustic version of it. These guys have tons of new music they are about to release, but if you have missed their last two releases check them out here. Spread the positive vibes and enjoy!

Cal Scruby – Gold Coins (Official Video)


Back in February Cal Scruby released the audio for “Gold Coins”, and today he releases a professional video for the track. While the video makes Cal look like a million bucks and is super clean, I hope he gets a lil more unique with his treatments for future releases. As you can hear right after the beat drops, this kid has some unbelievable talent: he can spit, sounds unique, and can cover topics from party tracks to serious topics and not seem corny. With some memorable video treatments that have this kind of quality, the sky is the limit for this Ohio native. He is easily one of our favorite upcoming emcees and should be on everyone’s radar for the rest of 2014. Enjoy!

FREE DOWNLOAD: Cal Scruby – Gold Coins (click here)

heRobust X Cvpellv – URDNO


This latest release from Herobust is a collaboration with Cvpellv and the track entitled, “URDNO,” is straight heat. A trap music release, “URDNO” takes little time to build with its engaging introduction. Led by its dope “You Already Know sample” over a reverberating bass-line this track is absolutely wicked and will definitely appeal bass-head audiences when they drop it live. Take a listen to “URDNO” by Herobust and Cvpellv and download the song for free by liking Herobust on Facebook. Enjoy!

Free Download: heRobust X Cvpellv – URDNO

heRobust X Cvpellv - URDNO

Clinton Sparks – UV Love (Ft. T.I.)


A cut off Clinton Spark‘s upcoming EP, ICONoclast dropped today and it’s DOPE. “UV Love” is a pop-sounding, EDM record featuring hip-hop icon T.I. The song has an incredibly groovey pop sound that may have the potential to blow up on the radio. It comes as no surprise that the 1Oak Las Vegas resident is bringing the heat the summer as he’s already dropped off the hottest mixtapes these past few months. Expect Iconoclast to be a major project for the mixmaster, Clinton Sparks, when it drops August 12th via Photo Finish Records Republic. Stream “UV Love” by Clinton Sparks featuring T.I. and start following Clinton Sparks on Twitter for new material off the EP coming soon. Enjoy!

iTunes: Clinton Sparks – UV Love (Ft. T.I.)